2-6-2009 This Week

What did you miss this week?  Some great articles…

Reasons Not to Smoke Pot…Teens Might Listen To

I feel like many of the typical health class reasons are not relatable to teens and youth today.  Here are some reasons not to smoke that teens might actually listen to.

10 Types of Odd Friends We Had As Teens

The hanger-oner, the frenemy, the cooler-than-me-friend…what types of friends did you have in High School and can you identify which of your child’s friends falls into these categories.

Anti-Cyberbullying Awareness

Digital Slang: Computer Shortcuts to Communicate With Your Teens

The essential slang you need to know to be more efficient (and in the loop) when texting, emailing or IMing with your teens, tweens and kids.

Articles by Guests and Teens

15 Year-Old Katie

2-4-2009 Current News for Parents

Anti-Cyberbullying Camapaign: Excerpt

Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign: Facebook, The Final Frontier

10 Reasons why Faith is Essential for Strong Family Values

14 Year-Old Stephanie

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