Teen Alcohol Trend: Injecting Fruit with Vodka

There are even YouTube Videos called the “Injecting Alcohol Into Things Series.”
This is an interesting teen trend.  I do not think this is a ‘new’ trend, but it has recently become popular again.  Basically, teens are injecting fruits (strawberries, bananas, and oranges are especially popular) and then taking them to school, clubs, concerts, or in lunches.  Then they can eat the fruit, while feeling like they are so smart for sneaking alcohol into a place it is not allowed.
I believe this has become popular because:
1)    Teens who do not like the taste of alcohol can put it in fruit and get drunk without tasting the alcohol.

2)    It is ‘creative’ and makes the user feel like they are being sneaky.

3)    It is easy to sneak into clubs, lunches or parties in an orange.

4)    “It is more fun” according to a teen friend who reminded me of this trend when I asked her how she was able to get drunk at a recent concert.

I am not telling parents to check every orange their kid is carrying around, but I would be aware that some kids snuck ‘fruit’ right into prom this year and were able to Tropicana their way to being trashed…oy.

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5 thoughts on “Teen Alcohol Trend: Injecting Fruit with Vodka”

  1. I got this submitted to me via email and got permission to post it anonymously:

    “Vanessa –

    We had a “hush-hush” incident at our high school last week. Two boys were obviously drunk but when they were asked by the police officer to blow into the breathalyzer it was clear. It turns out they soaked a suppository in gin and inserted it…well let’s just say, they put it where a suppository goes!

    -An anonymous parent”

  2. Wow! Thanks for the great idea, I’ll be sure to use that! Good thing I borrowed that needle from my dentist.

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