Advice on $coring the maximum amount of $cholarship$…by a high $chool $enior

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In a mad expedition to score as many scholarships as possible, I barely have time to do anything else. It’s time-consuming to fill out dozens of applications and write several essays on topics such as my greatest obstacle, what I feel my purpose is, and what problems America’s foreign trade will face in the future. (Seriously. It’s a real scholarship essay topic!) I hope to share some of my findings with you. With this, you hopefully won’t have to spend as much time searching and applying as I had to.

Make a Zinch profile. Never heard of Zinch? Just visit and create your profile today. You’ll be asked some questions, which will be used to apply for several scholarships (one being worth $20,000!). In addition, you’ll also get offers from colleges, and you’ll have the opportunity to join virtual clubs. If I could only give you one piece of advice, it would be to click on that link above and fill out the application!

Scholarship Sweepstakes! The problem with scholarship applications is that they’re so time-consuming. Then I found a type of scholarship that requires little more than your name, address, phone number, and e-mail. There are hundreds of scholarship sweepstakes out there, and most of the time they offer a huge chunk of money. However, these aren’t always the best scholarships. Since it’s so easy to apply, millions of students do. That really decreases your chances of winning. Also, most sweepstakes are meant to get you on their solicitation list. While I encourage you to apply for scholarship sweepstakes (since the winner might be you), be prepared for an inbox full of spam and a few telemarketing calls.

Recycle your essays. Many scholarships require some sort of essay. See if you can recycle one essay to fit the need of another. If Scholarship A wants an essay about a goal that you accomplished, you can probably edit it so that it can be used for Scholarship B’s topic on a challenge that you overcame. Of course, it may be that you can’t find another scholarship to recycle a certain essay. In that case, you can submit then to Teen Ink is always looking for scholarship and college essays from students. Plus, if you get published, you’ll receive a copy of the publication, a pen, and a post-it pad. (And honestly, what college student DOESN’T need more pens and post-it notes?)

Now that I’ve shared a piece of my knowledge with you, I must continue on with my mad expedition. Happy scholarshipping!


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