Step Dad and Daughter Speaking Engagements

Larry Gershman,
my step-dad–whom I never call my step-dad (I call him Pop) have a
great relationship and navigated the divorce, step parent, multiple
parents thing really well.  He is an entertainment lawyer and
producer living in Los Angeles, CA.

Speaking Topics for Parents and Teen/Tween/Kids

  • Step-Parenting: How to Be a Successful Divorced Family
  • Family Tangle: Growing up with Steps, Halfs and Wholes in One Family
  • It Gets Better: Our Story of Hope and Laughs
  • Divorce and Teens: How We Survived and Loved the Tough Years

My step-mom, whom I also call mom and never thought of as a
step-mom, said she is a little shy speaking, but is happy to be in the
audience.  = )

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