2-27-2009 Newsletter

Hello Readers,


I hope you are having a great week! I was traveling this week for business, but was still able to keep the posts coming and we have some great ones from teens!



Top Articles

8 Examples Why Websites Are the New Teen BFF You love hanging our with a website, you can become obsessed, it’s where you turn when your sad….are websites the new teen and tween best friend?

Teens and the Phone: Old-School Parenting A phone? Like a real phone? What are the rules and etiquette when it comes to a landline phone? Get a refresher.

Step Dad and Daughter Speaking Engagements Want to hear from a real step and daughter who have made it through the tough times and come out on top? Vanessa and her step-dad have anecdotes, advice and stories to help and inspire you.

Articles from Teens and Guests:                                                                   

Are You Living, or Are You Existing What happens if tomorrow never comes? If life ended this moment, would you be satisfied  with what you’ve

completed so far?                                                                        

Teen Service Trips Abroad An opportunity of a lifetime, Two weeks in Peru was the best time in my life

Freelance Writing for Teens Don’t let ANY opportunity pass you by

On Treating Others with a Christian Twist I think readers of all religions can appreciate this post

Life Is Changing Look to others for advice and a shoulder to lean on. Their advice and support are priceless


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