3-4-2009 Picks for Parents of Teens and Tweens


Shannon is one of our teen interns, she is a 16 year old from Maryland. She enjoys writing, is pro recycling, and loves the Jonas Brothers.

Video of the Week


Breaking News

Don’t deny it: The lies we tell our kids
Positive parenting: Get past teen stereotypes
Violence Sparks Spring Break Warnings
Teen sex: Should you allow sleepovers?
Will my drinking affect my teen?
Teen fired for complaining about her job on FB

Articles of Interest

Take Note: Doodling Can Help Memory
Are designer babies arriving soon?
Working moms, don’t feel guilty
Those anti-drug talks? Your teens are listening
Stupid is as stupid does
How much is too much pre-teen text?

Worker sews lips shut to demand promotion

Shannon’s Faves

3/3/09: Celebrated Square Root Day!
Tweens will swoon for Jonas Brothers film
Search ends for NFL players lost at sea
Chris Brown: Still King of the Prom?

Vanessa’s Faves

Cell Phone Safety Is a Parental Responsibility

A way to manage your Kid’s Music: Rhapsody digital music service provides a way for parents to manage their teens’ music spending through the subscription model ($12.99-$14.99 per month to access over 6 million songs).

The 15 Strangest College Courses Would you let your kids take them?

Book of the Week

The KidDictionary by Eric Ruhalter A book of words parents need but don’t have. My favorite:

Orthodontrepreneur n A child who wants to knock all of his own teeth out in the interest of a hefty paycheck from the Tooth Fairy.

Image: This is not in fact a sushi platter…no I went over to a client’s house and these were his erasers! ERASERS!

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