Why MySpace is a Nightclub and Facebook is a Sorority

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After a night of online partying, Myspace is a night club and Facebook is a sorority, but with both you have to wake up the next morning with a hangover and face everyone in real life.

I heard this comparison the other day and I thought it was so accurate.  For my readers who are not as familiar with these two online spaces, let me explain…

1) Myspace is for music lovers, like clubs for people who like to dance.

2) Myspace has more creepsters, like in clubs when creepy guys try to dance behind you on the dance floor.

3) Myspace is an open meat market for looking for hot singles.

4) Facebook is a secret meat market—everyone is really there to check each other out, but you only do it when they are not looking.

5) Facebook is all about what network (sorority/fraternity) you are a part of.

6) On Facebook it is all about how many friends you have and how hot you look in your picture.

7) Facebook hazing is when friends hack into your Facebook account and change around all fo the information on your profile and then message your friends.

8) On Facebook it is cool to be part of secret groups.

9) MySpace is all about that first look—how hot is your profile picture?

10) Facebook is all about ‘e-stalking’ finding out everything you can about a person by asking their friends and poking around in their pictures, groups and newsfeeds.

Which one are you a part of?

This post is dedicated to Jessica Kreps because it took her forever to get on Facebook and when she did, Facebook stalking became one of our favorite procrastinate-because-we-do-not-want-to-do-homework past times…all of you cute boys watch out!

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