3-11-09 News for the Week

We are looking for submissions for some upcoming posts:

-Best Birthday Gifts for Teens and Tweens for those of you who have products you would like to submit.

-Best Parenting Books (if you have already submitted your book to us, please do not reapply!)

-Best Books for Teens

If you would like to submit, please email manager@scienceofpeople.com:

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Video of the Week

Happy Birthday! The History of Barbie

Breaking News

9/11 defendants: “We are terrorists to the bone”

Articles of Interest

Find out what your teen is doing online

Abstinence vs. sex ed in battle to fight teen pregnancy

When everyone’s a friend, is anything private?

When everyone’s a friend, is anything private?

‘Brow Raising

Nickelodeon stands by Chris Brown as nominee

Shannon’s Faves

Timberlake and Biel Get Funny

Dakota Fanning Takes a Shine to New Moon

Book of the Week

Mom in Chief: How Wisdom from the workplace can save your family from Chaos by Jamie Woolf

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