Radical Parenting Launch

As you might have noticed, we have renamed, rebranded and relaunched! Based on comments from users and tons of input and brainstorming from our Teen Advisory Board you will see our very new, and very different site.

Watch our new welcome video:


Thank you to everyone who submitted their video clip, we couldn’t include everyone, but we will be making more!

Our 3 Radical Parenting Rules Written by Our Teens:

1) There are no ‘perfect parents’, formulas, easy answers or a ‘right’ way to parent.  There is a right way for your family.  We want to help you find your way.

2) Live the You-Them-You Perspective. We promise to share our side, our stories and our secrets, to give you a glimpse into our world.

3) Constantly challenge what we think we know.  ‘Radical’ means to question the status quo and what isn’t working.  This is how we grow as a family and as human beings.

[See our Radical Parenting Principles]

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At most, we know our Radical Parenting ideas can be a little too untraditional for every parent to adopt as a family lifestyle.  It takes dedication to tackle bad habits and work to walk the untraditional road with your teens.  We believe this is the only way to get the ultimate rewards—a truly close and happy family.

It has been risky for us to say, that as teens we want change.  We want to have an easy, fun and, dare we say it, close relationship with our parents.  If you are willing to take some risks and try something new…make the leap and take The Radical Parenting Pledge.  We challenge you to try.


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