3-18-2009 News for Parents This Week

Shannon, one of our teen writers wrote our newspost and it is her birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON!

Video of the Week

Grading Infomercial Products–very interesting segment

Breaking News

A glance at legal drinking ages around Europe

Campaigns for Challenging Times Put Children and Mothers First

Some laid-off women now stay-at-home moms

Articles of Interest

A Public Couple Knows a Private Pain Isn’t Unique

Growing Up on Facebook

Disney Channel is cable’s #1

Selling Sex to Young Girls

Why my Tween Doesn’t Have a Cellphone

Car crashes: devestating teen ‘epidemic’

Brow Raisin’

Clever teen turns to Web for help getting to UND

Calvin and Hobbes of the Day

Vanessa’s Faves

Tyra Banks Show will have a segment on sexting on Friday!

I would like you all to check out the New Focus on the Family® Online Community! They have forums on marriage, parenting, and much more. To log into the community visit: www.focusonthefamily.com and click on “Online Community” in the left navigation bar.

The Chicago rap superstar, Common, has partnered with Best Buy , for his new online book club venture, as well as their teen-led social change platform called @15. Common’s book club , “The Corner”, is for 8th-12th graders. Each month the club will pick a book for members to read and discuss. They will also get a chance to speak with the author and view celebrities’ favorite novels.

Back to Basics The blog is about healthy and green living on a budget. “Since our economy is not doing so well, I created this blog to help people stretch their buck but try to do so in a environmentally friendly way.”

Book of the Week

A Parent’s Guide to the Middle School Years by Joe Bruzzese

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