5 Types of Moms

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Every mom is different…we asked our readers to describe their mom type and we broke them into 5 types….see below:

1. The Sponge Mom

Your upset, she’s upset, your happy, she’s happy.  These mom want to spend every second with you and worry about you constantly because they want to share your pain, joy and life.

Advice: Sponge moms are so supportive, but if you need some space just tell her you love her and need some boundaries. To avoid making her feel like she is not connected enough, always schedule in some girly bonding time!

2. The Rock Mom

Is your mom the strong silent type? You know she is always there, but isn’t going to get all mushy-gushy when you leave for camp, then you have a rock.

Advice: Rocks can be really great to have, if you feel like you want some more connection, do some activities that she likes to do that maybe do not involve lots of talking, but you are still bonding like going to an amusement park or camping.

3. The Controller Mom

Controller moms, also known as helicopter moms, because they constantly hover around what you are doing.  They are not as emotional as sponges, but need to know everything you are doing, what time and can you just squeeze in an extra softball practice?  Controller moms mean well, they want you to do well because they think you have huge potential (because you do!) they just do not always show it the right way.

Advice: Controllers are really good at doing a lot themselves and want to be in control, sometimes they do not realize you need a break! If you can feel yourself getting overwhelmed, pull them aside (early…give them time to adjust) and tell them you need some time and a little break.

4. The Easy Peasy Mom

Easy peasy moms are very laid back, you are sometimes reminding them you have to leave for school and rules can be lax.  This can be great sometimes, but not when you need help or actually wish you had a mom who would remember to pick up extra Valentines before Valentines Day for your friends.

Advice: Easy Peasy moms just need to be reminded of what you need from them.  I find fridge lists help, post-its and maybe even sending the occasional text message!  Remember even though it might seem like easy peasy moms do not care, this isn’t true they might not remember, but they still love you tons, they just show it in other ways.

5. The Friend Mom

Does your mom watch Gossip Girl with you because she likes it, not because of the censors?  Does she love hanging out with your friends and frequently ask to borrow your clothes?  You have a friend mom, friend moms can be great to bond with and often you can have really really great relationships, but sometimes it is hard to have a friend as a parent.

Advice: Make sure your mom understands you love hanging out and bonding with her, but there are certain things you do not love so much—and set your boundaries.  Ask her what hers are?  Maybe you are OK sharing clothes, but do not want to spend Friday nights at the movies with your friends with her all the time?

What kind of mom are you?

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