3-27-2009 Newsletter


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Top Articles:

5 Types of Moms What kind of mom are you and what kind of mom do you have? Here are all of your favorite mommy types.

The Fastest Growing Teen YouTube Video: Fred Fred is a teenage boy who strives to be a chipmunk, or Cartman from Southpark, I can’t tell which, but this is the most subscribed YouTube channel in history.

7 Ways to Run a Great Family Meeting Quality, not necessarily quantity family time is essential for family bonding and communication.  Here you can get templates, activity ideas and rules for great family meetings.

Resources and Articles for Parents of Kids Highlights for parents of children 11 and under. We know we have a lot of readers who have teens and younger kids or even just parents of kiddies, here are our articles for you.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

A Michigan Teen: Renae, 16: Renae is a 16-year-old from Lowell, MI. She is a creative individual who spends a lot of her time reading and learning Japanese because she would like to become a Journalist in Japan.

Danielle, 17: Danielle is a 17 year old from Las Vegas, Nevada. she enjoys social networking and writing about love and writing poems. Her favorite subject is college and careers and wants to be a undercover narcotics.

Someone Parents a Cyberbully Every 15 Seconds Keeping Kids Safe Today

3-18-2009 News for Parents This Week News from around the world parents should hear about.

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