4-1-2009 News for Parents

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Hilarious Victory Dance …and poor sportsmanship

Breaking News

Teen arrested for posting nude pictures

Confronting Dating Violence by Telling Teens That More Abuse Is Not the Solution

Most Teens Aren’t Getting Preventive Health Care

Recession squeezes day care from both sides

Most states lag on teen dating violence laws

Guiding Light‘ Canceled After 72 Years – The Huffington Post.

There’s a lot of buzz lately about the Omni Drink. It is a colon cleanser first but some people claim in can purify the system enough for job applicants to pass a drug test.

Chelsea Clinton is supposedly planning a lavish $1 million dollar wedding to Marc Mezvinsky for this summer.

Articles of Interest

When Dad Banned Text Messaging

Boobs, zits, and your kids: Parents, welcome to puberty

How young is too young for video games?

Budgeting 101: How to spend less on college

10 free or cheap ways to keep kids entertained

‘Brow Raising

Jobless gather for ‘Unemployment Olympics’ in NYC

Shannon’s Faves

ANTM Guide To Life? Not So Fierce

No More HM Movies?

Rob Pattinson Clears the Stinky Air

Vanessa’s Faves

Shmoop is an online homework and writing resource that that helps teens study via the medium the love the most, the Internet. Shmoop helps students stay engaged by providing colorful summaries with pop culture references to help students relate to course content and get in the study groove. Shmoop’s original content is created by PHD students and written fun and snarky voice for teens that grew up with Myspace, video games and YouTube.  The teacher-approved site offers content offers deep analysis, study questions, audio and video links and cram sheets to help students study more effectively and improve their grades.

Freelancers Union! New York City will push for a federal unemployment benefit for freelancers and ask the state for a reduction in the unincorporated business tax, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a speech to the Economic Club of New York.

Teens and Acne: This Thursday, April 2nd at 3pm EST there is a live Internet radio segment discussing teens and acne.  Dermatologist, Dr. Hilary Baldwin and Yesenia Almonte, Beauty Director of Seventeen magazine, will be speaking with the mother of a teenager who will discuss the emotional and social impacts that acne has had on her teens life, there will also be a young adult in her 20’s who is a former teen acne sufferer – she will tell her story and share what treatments worked for her.  You can register to listen live for the segment at http://iradiomd.com/.  There will also be an open Q&A portion for those who are listening in.

Mommy Brained is a blog for the modern mother – specifically stay-at-home moms – about pretty much everything mommy-related, and it’s totally uncensored. Hey, moms are just hip chicks who got knocked up!

NearbyNow.com: Need new clothes for your quickly growing little one but not sure if your local retail store has the style and size you need, instead of driving all over town go to NearbyNow.com, input what you’re looking for, and it goes out and does the heavy lifting, finding the exact item you request and all the nearby stores that have it right now. It even lets you know if it’s on sale!
Great Article Alert:
The Relationship Bill of Rights: For many teens the goal is simple: “Get a by/gf.” if your friends don’t hate him/her… even better. But when it comes to relationships, we all need to know where to set the bar.

Book of the Week

The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle at  Any Age by Rebecca Booth

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