Launch: Teen Speakers Bureau

We are very excited to launch our Radical Teen Speaker’s Bureau. We have a fabulous group of teen writers and teen trendsetters with Radical Parenting (on our Radical Teenagers site) and many of our teens are also awesome motivational and educational speakers.

I have been speaking to parent and teen audiences for over 3 years, and wanted to also train and bring other teen speakers to organizations and groups.

We have a few different teens who speak on a variety of topics based on their areas of interest and expertise.

Teen Speaker Topics:

  • Time Management and Organization
  • Speaking to and Understanding Parents
  • Internet Savvy, Not Just Internet Safety
  • Social Interaction and Cliques: These groups are run from the perspective of peer leaders, helping groups, bullies and cliques talk out differences and build tools for communication.
  • Teens and Partying: The Teen Social Scene Explained for Parents
  • How Teachers and Schools Can Keep Up with Digital Students

See more topics here.

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