New Teen Trends Week of April 1, 2009

I am going to start posting a few times a month about Teen Trends that I am seeing with the teens I work with and from my teen trendsetter group.  They follow trends on the street and then send them to us to report to you, so you can stay on top of what is going on!

Hiding Bets in a Hat


Magic is actually very ‘in’ right now.  A lot of teens, after the rise and popularity of Chris Angel have turned magic into something cool and are using it at parties and with friends. I think this is great.

Rate My Professor

Rate My is a website that allows students to put rankings, comments and ratings on their professors (Youtube generation anyone?)

Here is a YouTube video explaining one girl’s experience with her math professor:


Rate my professor is an interesting development in the world of academics.  On the one hand, it gives some power back to the students, helps them feel not so alone in their frustration and gives them a voice.  On the other, it can be very disrespectful to teachers and cross lines.  Should teachers be rated? Should professors get grades and points like students on such a public forum? I have been speaking with many of my High School students who use Rate My Professor and am shocked by the responses I get.  If you would like me and my teens to write an article on this, please let us know in the comments.

Vans Warped Tour

Oh yes, the Warped Tour this year will be huge and many teens will be watching, attending and reading about the going-ons. “The Warped Tour is a touring music and extreme sports festival. The tour is held in venues such as parking lots or fields upon which the stages and other structures are erected. The BMX/skateboarding shoe manufacturer Vans, among others, has sponsored the tour every year since 1995, and it is often referred to as the Vans Warped Tour. The tour started out as a showcase for punk rock music, but its more recent line-ups have featured more electronica, alternative rock, emo, post-hardcore, metalcore and Christian rock bands.” (Wikipedia) I would love to blog the warped tour if I could get tickets! Big with teens, if you are looking for gift ideas, this might be a great bet!

American Eagle

American Eagle seems to be one of the brands of choice for teens right now.  Teens consider it a “wholesome brand” with “really fun and simple clothes.”  My teens said this is the number one place they will be shopping for summer clothes.  I am a little surprised actually because it can be pricey!  Could not come at a more interesting time, as they are just annoucning how they did in the fourth quarter…in a conference call actually being broadcasted live on their website

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