4-3-2009 Posts from the Week


Hi Everyone,

I first want to apologize for the last few newsletters.  We were trying to have our office manager put them together and we realized too late that some of the links were wrong.  We are so sorry if this was frustrating for you.  Here are a few of the most clicked on articles that were mislinked:
Embracing Life’s Grey: 5 New Perspectives on Boundaries in Your Life
This article is about the times in life that are not quite black and white and trying to teach these areas to teens and kids.
Staycations: 7 Cheap Activities at Home
In this economy we need to learn to enjoy staying at home.  The movie theater is the new vacation.  Learn how to stay cheap, while staying home.

5 Types of Moms What kind of mom are you and what kind of mom do you have? Here are all of your favorite mommy types.

The Fastest Growing Teen YouTube Video: Fred Fred is a teenage boy who strives to be a chipmunk, or Cartman from Southpark, I can’t tell which, but this is the most subscribed YouTube channel in history.

7 Ways to Run a Great Family Meeting Quality, not necessarily quantity family time is essential for family bonding and communication.  Here you can get templates, activity ideas and rules for great img_0135family meetings.

This week we were also invited to the set of Suite Life of Zach and Cody!

*Zach and Cody’s on deck bedroom

*London on set

*Suite Life on Deck pic!

Top Articles

The Danger of Boredom: 10 Ideas for Anti-Boredom Lists I think boredom is the major cause of cyberbullying, teen partying and teen drug use, in this article see why and how to tackle this issue.

Launch: Teen Speakers Bureau We have some awesome teen trendsetters and interns, here we have finally launched our teen speakers bureau!

Winnie the Pooh’s Guide to Raising Teenagers Have you ever thought that Winnie the Pooh might be able to share some knowledge on raising teenagers? Do you have an Eeyore in your house?

Articles by Teens and Guests

Playing Favorites [Guest Post]

New Teen Trends Week of April 1, 2009

Round-Up of Our Friends on Parents Who Click

4-1-2009 News for Parents

Ask Miss Cyber Manners


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