What Being a Step Child is Like

I wrote this guest post for Carol Shwanda and wanted to post part of it here for my readers, check out the rest if you are interested!

My parents divorced when I was 4 and both remarried within two years.  When they both remarried I got lots of new things:

-Two step parents

– Two new step brothers

– A new step sister

– Two new step families

But, my parents made very clear, they were not to be thought of step-anything.  So really I got:

-Two new parents

– Two new brothers

– A new sister

– Two new families

Quite a Christmas.  I was glad that my parents wanted to make the new family members feel no different than real family members, because I was also a new step sister to them and I wanted to be treated the same.  I wanted to write a post about what it was…I guess, like to be a step child.

1) Cinderella Syndrome

Step Sounds Nasty. One of the things I hate the most-still hate, is the nastiness that has been assigned to the word ’step.’  Even now when I use it to describe my family situation I find myself constantly explaining that my step mother is not evil, that my step sisters are sweet and as a step daughter, I am not too bad.  It must be from Cinderella, but I would love for us as a society (with an increasing number of ’steps’ in it), to change the step connotation to something more positive.

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