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Hope that everyone had a good Passover, is having a great Good Friday and will find lots of eggs this Easter! Enjoy the posts from the week.

Also: We have launched in Spanish! Yay, check out our Spanish Radical Parenting for spanish speaking parents of teens and tweens.

Top Articles

Lying Teens: 5 Types of Kid’s Fibs, White Lies and Exxagerations Lots of teens and kids lie, but when does it cross a line and when should you be worried? Here are a few ways to tell the difference and know your teen is not the only one fibbing.

Radical Family Bonding Time You need to take advantage of the time that needs to be quality over quantity! Here are a few tips for parents and families to bond with each other and not make family time miserable.

Interview with Blogher Founder and Writer, Jory Des Jardins Love Jory! Here is our interview with the founder of BlogHer and author of the blog, Pause.

What Being a Step Child is Like If you are a step parent or step child you should read this article about what it is like to be a step child and a few tips like the Cinderella Syndrome and title anxiety.

Articles by Teens and Guests

4-8-2009 News This Week

Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy

Americans vs. Hispanics

How Much Stress Is Really Put on Teenagers These Days? [Teen Article]

Raising Your Little Cyberbully

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