Articles for Teachers of High School and Middle School Students

We have a lot of teacher readers and we so so appreciate you! Often times it is our teacher readers who are spreading the word aboutnew online trends (good and bad) passing the word onto parents that there is a site out there that connects teens and parents and just sending us great tips.

Teacher CyberBating: Terrible Teen Classroom Trend Teens are now angering teachers, filming their reaction and then putting it all over YouTube…what can we do?

How Parents Can Handle School Burn-Out Are you kids feeling like school is awful and they complain about everything from the early mornings, to the teachers to the homework? Everyone goes through it at some point and here is how parents can help their kids deal and keep going

Best Free Online Resources for Students
Kids and students now are using the Internet for everything. Here are some of my favorite sites, with great tips and tricks from how to take notes, cramming for tests and organizing your back pack. Take a look and forward it on to some of you kids or teacher friends!

25 Coolest Websites for Non-Techies
Many parents miss some great free websites that will make their lives so much easier. So here I did an easy guide with links and explanations so you can be cooler than your kids = ) (this post got over 3000 hits this week hooray!)

7 Ways Teachers Can Use Online Tools to Keep Students Interested
Net-generation students have am extremely short attention span and love using new tools in their school work. Teachers can utilize many free resources to help make their subjects more interesting.

Teens Online Series

The whole series has some great articles for teachers, but these in particular are great.

iPod Addiction: 8 Pros vs Cons and How to Balance Do your kids have perma-earbuds in their ears?  I worry about the constant need for young people to listen to music all the time.

8 Examples Why Websites Are the New Teen BFF You love hanging our with a website, you can become obsessed, it’s where you turn when your sad….are websites the new teen and tween best friend?

Virtual Studying: Are Students Actually Working? iChat study sessions? Virtual flashcards? Wiki study guides?  Are all of the Internet study techniques actually working? How has studying changed for the net-generation student.

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