Interview with Susan Getgood of Snapshot Chronicles

Susan Getgood is the founder of Marketing Roadmaps and the author of the blog Snapshot Chronicles. She was also among the pioneers in introducing children and parents to the Internet as an expert in online safety.

What is your mission?

“I’m a marketing and social media consultant. In a previous life, I worked for spam and web filtering companies, I haven’t been focusing on that in the past few years.  My marketing work is all about helping companies reach out to their consumers online. It is about connecting with your custumer with all of the online tools in an organic and authentic way.”

On our blog we are all about Internet Safety. You work with Cyberpatrol which was one of the first parental control softwares on the market, how and why did this interest you?

“I believe parents both have a right and obligation to help their kids understand what is going on online. You have a responsibility to make sure your kids are safe.  I spent 10 years working for parental controls software companies.  The main pillar is education, educating your kids about what to avoid online and teaching them how to avoid the pitfalls and dangers. Second, if it fits your family, using the available software tools to help keep them safe. This is especially important for younger children.”

I know you are an expert on Branding, what are some of the things that helped you build your own personal brand?

“I do not think of it as a personal brand so much, I think about it as a reputation, brands are created and reputations are earned. Reputations incorporate your ethical being as well. You want it to reflect the person you want to be, which means thinking about how you are perceived and how your actions will make you feel when you go to sleep at night.  A brand is a perception of you, not really who you are.  So, my piece of advice, is to not be fooled by the brand, think about who you are underneath all of that.  This is about the ethics of what we do.” Here is an article Susan wrote on Personal Branding.

What is your favorite thing to blog about?

” On my marketing blog my favorite thing is the bad pitch stories, which can be funny. I also love writing about what worked well for someone in a case study.  I have a great case study coming up and I think it will be really fun to write.  On my personal blog I love writing about travel.”

What is the most draining thing about being a mom, running your business, and writing your blog?

“Well, I love what I do, but like any small business, new business prospecting can be challenging and hard work.”

Do you have any advice to young writers and entrepreneurs?

“I think there is a temptation in the new media atmosphere to focus on all the new tools with social networking and microblogging, but you cannot ignore the fundamentals of marketing, PR and business foundations.  So, thinking about the fundamentals and how they fit into your five year plan.  Also, do not take yourself too seriously. “

We love getting book suggestions do you have a favorite and did one change your life?
“For those of your readers who are interested in marketing, there are tons of books, but the one that changed my life, is a book called ‘The Marketing Imagination’ by Theodore M. Levitt.  Buy it and put it on your bookshelf.  Also love “Gonzo Marketing” by Christopher Locke.  On the personal side, I am a big Sci-Fi fan, you must read “The Foundation” series by Isaac Asimov.

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