20 of the Best Lifehacks for Teens and Kids

A lifehack is a trick that makes a usual process in your life just a little bit easier.  I love lifehacker’s website with plenty of tips for adults, but how about lifehacks for teens and kids?  Here, our teen reviewers and I have come up with our favorite lifehacks, tricks and tips for teens, tweens and kids.

1. Heating Up Pizza Leftovers

Heat up leftover pizza in a nonstick skillet on top of the stove, – Set heat to med-low and heat until warm.  This keeps the crust crispy.  No soggy micro pizza.

2. How to Make Good Family Car Music

Driving time with the family can be annoying, kids should know how to pick music everyone can agree on, here are some of my favorites: Best Car Music Both Parents and Teens Can Agree On

3. How to Take a Non-Shower

Yup, I said it.  Lets be real, sometimes it is just too much time/energy/water/soap to take a full shower.  I know for many of my guy friends in college, I would have loved for them to know how to take a non-shower at the very least…hey it is better than nothing at all:

Materials: Washcloth, bar soap, sink

Do: Wrap washcloth around soap, run under water, briefly scrub pits, neck, face and anywhere else that is smelly.  Rinse cloth and remove soap from body.

Average time 2 minutes.

twirly-hanger4. Twirly hanger

I love this thing and now use it for everything.

5. Wandering Worker

For the Wandering Student and Worker: Traveling Desk If you study all over the place, one of the best hacks is to make your desk travel with you/your kid.

6. How to Park Efficiently

Parallel parking sucks! Here is a simple video and step-by-step, every driving teen needs to know how to do this.

7. How to Fold Really Really Quickly


8. How to Open A Stuck Bottle

It is impossible to open a stuck jar, teach your kids these simple tricks for when you are not home:

-Wrap the lid in a dish towel or rubber glove to get some friction.

If the bottle is new and still vacuumed sealed, breaking the seal makes the lid easier to open. You can do this by using a bottle opener and pulling the lid away from the jar.

Running the lid under hot water for a minute will make the lid easier to turn.

-Tap the lid with a spoon this can jiggle food loose.

9. How to Not Get Caught on Facebook

Substitute “boss” for “mom/dad”….by the way I am just kidding with this one.  All of my readers know that I am a big supporter of sharing your passwords with parents.


10. Keyboard Tricks

This can save you so much time and the earlier you learn them the better.  Often people email me asking me how I get so much done with my blog and business, and I would say I gain about an hour a day with keyboard tricks.

11. Quick Laundry Tips

You must teach your kids and teens to do laundry…soon.

12. How to Stay Awake in a Boring class (or when you are bored)

Seriously, it is a problem, might as well bring it up directly with your kids. These tricks work well also when the kiddies have to come to Daddy’s work conference or to a sister’s recital.  Teach ’em, you will thank me later.

-Guess how many people/brown shoes/ brunettes there are in the room game.

-Take very detailed notes

-Doodle while still paying attention

-Play the guess what page my finger is on with the book in front of you.

-See if you can recall the lyrics to all of your favorite nursery rhymes in your head.

-Actually try to listen.

13. How to Pack Well

  1. Plan each day in advance and check weather.
  2. Roll your clothes, it is much easier than folding, you get more space and less wrinkles.
  3. Line the inside of the bag with your rolled t-shirts. This will help distribute the contents.
  4. Put shoes in a plastic grocery bag so your toiletries don’t get dirty.(Just to be on the safe side, even if your toiletries are in a separate bag.)

14. How to Match Colors on Clothing

Please, if you have a son, teach him this.  Many mom’s just assume their kids will be able to do it, but they get into the real world and they look silly.  Here are some links on colors and matching.

15. How to Stay in Shape by Playing Video Games

This, unfortunately might be essential for kids and teens today:


16. How to Write With Correct Grammar

I have probably made 5 grammar mistakes on this page so far, my parents clearly skipped this lifehack. Here are the most common grammar mistakes your kids (and friends) make.

17. How to Make Safe Passwords and Users

Identity is stolen all the time, I love teaching kids and teens about how to make safe passwords.  In our Life 101 Program for Teens this is a big part of our Internet Safety Lesson.

Don’t: Make the Login name and password are the same.

Don’t: Use your name or family member’s names, birth dates, pet’s names and so on.

Don’t: Passwords based on keyboard layout. Another common mistake is the use of passwords based on keyboard layout: passwords like “123”, “sdf” or “cxz” are chosen because of the easily remembered geometric patterns they form, but they are also very easy to guess.

18. How to Take a Compliment

So many teens and kids, especially girls, do not know how to take a compliment gracefully! This is a skill that is good for life and careers.

  1. Do not act timid or shy. This makes you seem like you don’t believe them.
  2. Smile when you receive a compliment.
  3. Thank them.
  4. Do not give them one back, this always feels insincere.

19. How to Ace Assigned Reading—and memorize as you read

So many students are slow readers and find textbook reading useless.  This can be remedied! Check out the tips on how to memorize as you read.

20. How to Set Up An RSS

Most kids have a vague idea of what this is, but many do not.  With the death of the newspaper, they should be reading more magazines, newspapers and blogs online to vary their interests and awarenesses.  Here is how to set-up an RSS: What is RSS and Why You Need It

I hope these lifehacks for students, lifehacks for kids and lifehacks for teens have been helpful.  Would love your comments and additions below!


Vanessa Van Petten and the Teen Team

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