4-15-2009 News and Trends for Parents and Teens

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Ten tips to raise an eco-kid

‘Brow Raising

Shannon’s Faves

Gossip Girls and Boys Get Lessons in Empathy
Efron mocks teen HSM fans on SNL

Real Qs about relationships to discuss with teens

Vanessa’s Faves

These articles are by mom and pediatrician, Rina Shah M.D. She gives her non-doctor perspective on motherhood and everything that comes with it at the www.thedrmommy.blogspot.com
Follow her twitter feed at: thedrmommy
The latest teen phenomenon using texting, Internet and social networking
A pediatricians guide to choosing your pediatrician
Honest thoughts on motherhood and parenting
Hate  “the talk”?  Helpful hints on how to make it effective.

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