Teenagers and the Internet [Teen Article]

Renae is a 16-year-old from Lowell, MI. She is a creative individual who spends a lot of her time reading and learning Japanese because she would like to become a Journalist in Japan.

How many kids do you think spend their time on the internet? I mean, there’s so much to do. Myspace, chatting, games, blogging, updating profiles, etc. the internet is basically the access to unlimited knowledge; a huge dictionary with the click of a mouse and yet some parents are having a fit over it. Why do you think this is?

The internet is not exactly safe. There are people out there looking to hurt kids and parents just want their kids safe. Along with all the knowledge the internet holds there are alot of places that teenagers just shouldn’t go. There are alot of websites that can’t be trusted. I understand parents not wanting their kids to be on the internet but they need to see that it’s more useful than harmful.

So how can teens be on the internet and be safe? It’s actually quite simple: give them the information they need. Let them know the dangers of the internet and make sure they know what’s safe and what isn’t. If you know your kid has the knowledge of the internet and all the things that come with it then you shouldn’t be worried about the internet being safe. Most parents find this hard to believe, but if they install in their teenagers the difference between right and wrong, they will usually make the right choices when parents aren’t with them and this applies to their internet use as well.

Most teens have access to the internet somewhere near where they live, making it impossible for parents to control how much time they spend of the internet. I don’t think parents understand that, because this generation has grown up with the privilege of technology, it’s not easy to separate kids from it. left and right you can see teenagers with ipods, itunes, and iphones.

The internet is such an advantage to the new generation. It tricks teenagers into reading and writing with better fluency and kids use the internet mostly as a means of communication. Teens can integrate themselves with people from all over the world. It’s kind of like having hundreds of pen pals but on the computer. What parent wouldn’t want this for their kids? Parents should be opening the doors to the library of infinite information for their kids. The internet is not the new generations enemy, it is a medium for it’s potential.

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