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An amazing upcoming program for girl advocates in Los Angeles on April 25: The Respect Rally. The program will be led by Jen Jones and Courtney Macavinta, who wrote a best-selling book for teen girls, RESPECT: A Girl’s Guide to Getting Respect & Dealing When Your Line Is Crossed, which has been featured by CNN, National Public Radio, USA Today, Glamour, Teen Vogue and others. The Respect Rally is a girl conference followed by a 24-session curriculum. The Rally empowers teen girls to respect themselves and create mutual respect in their relationships‹and world. After attending a Respect Rally 98% of girls understood the difference between respect and disrespect (up from 51% prior to attending the Rally). You can learn more about the program and watch their video here.

At the Rally, you’ll have an empowering respect-building day of fun activities, goodie bags and community! Teens are welcome if accompanied by an adult. After the Rally, you can register to be trained the following day or at a later date so you can lead the program for your girls year after year. Here are the details for the LA Rally Showcase and training:

RSVP: For the Rally Showcase, you don’t have to register online. Simply RSVP to register up to 10 people from your group  — your Respect Pod! — by emailing LA Training Leader Jen Jones: jen@respectrx.com.

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