10 Lessons Parents Never Teach Teens….But Should [Humor]

Oh, why not.  I know this post is a little inappropriate. But, there are some things that parents are usually too embarrassed to teach their kids, but everyone has to learn eventually.  Here I listed a few that some of my teens and I were brainstorming on and put with some funny videos.

1. How to Stop Farting


2. How to Hide an Erection


3. How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

  1. Stay away from, garlic, onions and some types of fish.
  2. Chew – do not swallow – a sprig of parsley or mint, or a fennel seed or two, before and after eating.
  4. Use a tongue scraper and/or brush your tongue.
  5. Floss

4. How to Style Your Hair Emo


5. How to Give a Compliment

Be sincere.

-Ask a question as a compliment. “The color of that necklace is perfect for you. Where did you find it?”

-Expect nothing in return.

6. What to Do if You Catch Your Parents Having Sex


7. How to Slow Dance

Wikihow has a great article on slow dancing.  Please do not do this with them, you could always just leave this on their desk = )

8. How to Hide Your Porn


9. How to Avoid Personal Questions

Kids are often asked really personal questions, teach your kids to set-up their boundaries. Teach them how to bridge into a topic they do like, block questions they do not like by changing the subject or always having an ‘escape excuse’ or signal for you to cut in.

10. How to Get to Sleep Quickly

Sometime between Barbies and Boys, falling asleep became difficult.  I would think about the previous day, the next day and boys, and life and maybe Barbies too.  I wish I had been given some sleep tricks.  Setting up a constant schedule and getting in bed no matter what, hot tea or milk.  Some people fall asleep much better with white noise machines.  I sleep better when I get a quick head rub before bed and even using oils like Lavendar and Ylang Ylang before sleeping can help.

I hope you enjoyed (and were not offended by some of these lessons) feel free to add yours in the comments.


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    videos r really funny! =D nice post!

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