Senioritis: Tips for Seniors [Teen Article]

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As a high school senior, I know that my classmates and I are excited to be graduating and moving on with our lives. However, we are also really bogged down with senior projects and papers, deciding where to go to college and how to pay for it, and just plain ol’ senioritis that creeps in. Fortunately, students and parents can work together to make these last few days memorable and enjoyable.

Senior Papers- Start with a Rough Draft After making sure that the senior has chosen a topic that they are truly interested in, have the student get to work researching and writing. (It’s usually best to start on the computer instead of handwriting things, to make it easier to edit.) Parents should be interested in their teen’s work, and possibly read it as it progresses. If the school does not require a rough draft to be turned in, parents and students should decide together a time when the first draft should be completed. That way, both of you will have the time to go over it several times and make corrections before the final due date.

Last-Minute Future Plans Hopefully, if your senior is going to college, they have already applied to colleges, received acceptance letters, and applied for financial aid and scholarships. Now it’s time to make decisions and figure out how it will be paid for. Sit down for a parent-student meeting and discuss the possibilities of colleges and jobs. (Parents: try to make this as non-threatening as possible. Your teen has stressed over it enough already.) Take time to both speak and listen.

Finishing Up Community Service Whether it is a graduation requirement, part of a senior project, or for a club like Honor Society, many seniors are rushing to find volunteer opportunities so that they have enough hours. Consider doing this as a family. Spend a day walking animal shelter dogs, help out at a retreat camp for a weekend, or spruce up a favorite hiking trail. If your family is unable to do community service together, encourage your student to work on it with friends. They could even host a ‘service party’, a get-together filled with activities like making greeting cards for senior citizens at a nursing home, baking cookies for the fire department, and collecting books from neighbors for the library. Remember, community service can be fun.

Curing Senioritis Honestly, even freshmen have been known to catch this infectious bug! School gets so monotonous near the end of the year, because both teachers and students are bored and running out of ideas to make class worthwhile. Encourage high schoolers to get their homework done by offering a fun activity when they’re finished. Take them to the movies, play a board game, or have a special dessert.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some editing to do on my senior paper.


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