4-29-2009 Picks This Week


Free Call with Me Tonight!

Call Tonight with me hosted by Great Parenting Practices: “Are you concerned that you may be out-of-touch with the world that your teens live in?  Vanessa Van Petten teaches parents what teens really are up to online and off. Join me on April 29, 2009 @ 6 pm PST or 9 pm EST, when I interview her, and ask her your top teen parenting question!  For access to the free call, go to www.GreatParentingPractices.com/askvanessa.  You can listen to the call via webinar as well as by phone. “

*Image: I went to see Tim Ferriss, the Author of the Four Hour Work Week speak at USC last Friday.  He was nice enough to write me a note with his autograph! He wrote: “To Vanessa, Here’s to thinking big and doing the uncommon! Blog hard and work smart = )   Pura Vida, Tim Ferriss”

He rocks my socks!

A great new resource to share is Secrets to Success in Parenting Your Teen , a new downloadable e-book written by Sue Blaney. This free 19 page e-book offers helpful, actionable advice collected and synthesized from experts and parents around the country, and you may link to it in school newsletters and on websites, etc. that support parents of teens. Sue Blaney is the author of the acclaimed parent discussion group program Please Stop the Rollercoaster! How Parents of Teenagers Can Smooth Out the Ride.

The Most Amazing FREE Parental Control Software: Your kids are online. You’re in the loop.

Like most parents, you’re concerned about what your kids are doing on the internet. OnlineFamily.Norton gives you the tools to manage where they go, how long they are online, who they talk to, and what information they’re sharing with others. Best of all, it helps you open up a positive dialogue with your children about good online habits.
I did a great media campaign with Norton and I love this product!-Vanessa

The Patient Involvement campaign works for parents and teenagers on multiple levels because it’s about helping everyone take charge of their health care. The program’s useful for parents because it develops questions not just for the patient, but on behalf of the patient, in this case children. The program gives you multiple questions that you might not even think are important but that could help improve your health and impact the choices you make. For parents again, the program’s especially critical because children aren’t informed enough to ask what tests they should be getting or how a prescription might affect them down the road. It’s a parent’s responsibility to make sure they get as much detailed information as they can.

For teenagers, looking at questions to ask your doctor or clinician is an important part of taking charge of your health care, especially right before college, where you won’t have your parents to help you discuss medication choices, medical tests, and treatment facilities. Asking questions as a teenager is the first step in getting actively involved in your health care for the rest of your life.

The EmpowerME campaign is a by kids, for kids movement that inspires today’s youth to eat healthier and move more, motivate each other, and to be a solution to America’s obesity epidemic. Sabrina Bryan has teamed up the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to launch the campaign and is challenging kids to make their own workout video, with the top five finalists receiving autographed copies of her new workout video BYOU along with a personalized message.

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