5/06/09 News For Parents This Week


Articles This Week

Ruffles and wings and thongs! Oh my! Much ado about feminine hygiene products

What’s in my pantry today? Ground Beef for picky eaters.. Those horrifying green flecks, hot tomato pieces and why it tastes like goo….

Step away from the junk drawer – A horror story in pictures A pictorial journey

We are having burned chunks with green specks for dinner One mom’s solution to the cringe-inducing question “What’s for dinner?”

Picks of the Week

“Break the Silence on Bullying”

“‘Getting Real’ About Bullying-Related Suicides”A perspective on the recent spate of suicides committed by young people as a result of bullying is featured on the Huffington Post. Here they discuss why these tragedies are occurring, and what schools can do to become part of the solution.

Straightlaced in Oakland! The latest film, Straightlaced–How Gender’s Got Us All Tied Up,” had it’s Oakland premiere last week with great success. The event, held in conjunction with Met West High School, featured a Q&A with the film’s director, a discussion with students from the film and a heart-felt speech by Junior, Jon Green, about what this film means to him.

All of these articles can be found at www.groundspark.org/blog

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