2 Unique Summer Teen Internship Openings: Twinternships and Faceternship

At Radical Parenting.com and Radical Teenagers.com we really like to offer teens and parents new opportunities.  As far as we know the idea of a Faceternship as well as an internship all about Twitter is new, but will be extremely relevant.  We will be training our interns (who should already have a working knowledge of social networks) how to apply Web 2.0 networking to business and blogging.

We are very excited about the great applications we have been getting to our summer teen internship program.  Many of our teen interns who we have already accepted will also be incorporating Twitter and Facebook into their hours.

My office manager and I have decided to open up two spots to those Internet savvy teens out there.  I am a big supporter of finding the positive side to social networks and making use out of all those hours teens are spending online.
Teens can also apply to our

Teen Writer Internship


Teen Marketer Internship

Twinternship= Twitter Internship Description

We want to put a teen in charge of our ever growing Twitter account.  We have lots of great followers who follow our blog via our posts, recently they have been asking for more about teen-parent news.  We are looking for someone to seek out other teen-parent experts on Twitter as well as beef up our posts to be really helpful and relevant to our Twitter followers.

Faceternship= Facebook Internship

We have many followers on Facebook and hope to increase our presence and relevancy in the Facebook community.  We are seeking an intern who understands Facebook and wants to use it to help teens and parents find relevant news, articles and common ground.

Both interns will be participating in round tables with myself, our office manager and other social networking interns on creative and visionary ideas about our programs.  We give our interns a lot of voice!

Why Our Internships Rock

**We are an extremely forward thinking company started by Vanessa when she was 17 and run by many young people.  We love giving teens a voice and responsibility because we think they have the best ideas.

**Our interns from last summer got amazing writing practice and marketing experience interning for us.  We teach real lessons on marketing in a digital environment and offer great experience working in a digital office, which is the future of employment.

**Teen unemployment has reached an all time high of 31%, we are hoping to give teens something else to work on and learn from this summer, as jobs have become very hard to come by.

**Resume Building: We know that getting into University is becoming more and more competitive, we want to give your teen interns an extremely unique boost to their resume with this experience.

**Future recommendations: Vanessa often writes recommendations for teen interns for other jobs, college applications and programs.

**Chance to be published: For writers this is a way to practice getting your name and ideas out there.  We have many publishers, authors and editors who read and scout for teens at our blog.

**Chance to network: Because we have so many corporate scouters and marketers who read our blog, we often get requests for our teen writers to get paid to write for other publications, do focus groups and even paid to blog themselves.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE giving these opportunities to our interns so they can network and get paid.

How to Apply:

  • Send an email to manager@scienceofpeople.com with the subject “Internship”
  • Tell us which internship you would like to apply for.
  • Send us:




Why you are applying for the Internship: (200-500 words)

  • Please also tell us your experience with Twitter or Facebook.

Looking forward to seeing your responses!

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