Efficiency is the Greatest Gift [Mini-Article]

One of my clients recently did a science lab where they had to use Lego sets to build something.  She told me that she hated building, but she loved this project because it made her feel efficient.  Efficiency, she said, is the greatest feeling.

The more I thought about, the more I agreed. In fact, I think that letting teens feel efficient is actually a great self-esteem booster.  I began to implement exercises into my Teen Life 101 program that would be educational, but also allow the teen to feel very accomplished when they finished them.  I noticed that these quickly became the teen’s favorite exercises and they were quite pumped to do the next, more boring activity.  When I had them do the efficient activities first, they not only complete the more boring activity faster, but also enjoy it more.  So, what can we learn from this?

Why Efficiency for Teens is Important

-When doing homework, encourage teens to do the subject they feel most proficient in and can complete the quickest first.

-If you want your teen to start their homework or do an activity they do not really like (cleaning the garage anyone) have them do something they feel efficient at, like playing a video game they have already beat just for old times sake or having them make their favorite breakfast that everyone raves about.

-If you or your teen is feeling depressed.  Think of activities that they will feel efficient at and have them do them to boost their mood.

Think of the ways you can apply efficiency in your own life.  I have a list by my desk of ‘efficient’ activities such as cleaning out my jewelry drawer to categorizing my articles on my blog.  When I need a boost or am having trouble starting a tiresome activity, those are the things I do.

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