Quirky Parenting Tips Day

I have a long list of articles and parenting topics in my computer.  I realized that I have many smaller articles on interesting parenting perspectives.  I thought today I would post mini articles on these topics for you.

I also saw this quote and thought it was interesting:

“To Raise Opinionated Teens, Bite Your Opinionated Tongue”

Don’t you love this quote?

Do you think it is true that to raise what you want to have, you have to not be that way?  OR does this only work for opinionated teens and parents.  My instinct is that if you are opinionated your teens will be even more so, because it was they were taught and they have to be heard over your opinions.  Besides, who wants to raise and opinionated teen…self-confident, definitely, expressive maybe, but opinionated, hasn’t that developed a rather negative connotation?

Here they are the Quirky Parenting Articles Today:

Efficiency is the Greatest Gift Have you thought that teaching efficiency to your kids could actually be wonderful for them? Here is why.

Touching Teens: Hugs, Hand Holding and Non-Sexual Cuddling There was a recent law passed against teens touching.  Here, I examine why teens are touching so much and what it means for their interactions.

The New Bible: Twilight On how teens are obsessed an worshiping the Twilight series.  I s good or bad? Why?

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