5/15/09: Articles This Week

Hello Readers,

Thank you for all of my birthday wishes last week! Guess what, I have outlined and begun the process for my next book! It is an extension of Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat about how parenting has been changed by globalization and I will be doing Case Studies on a family from each continent! I have a survey readers can take to put their vote into which countries we should go to. Very exciting…Israel, Buenos Aires and Singapore coming up.

Parenting is Flat: My Next Book

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ReputationDefender helps individuals, families, parents and business defend and protect their image, brand and privacy online. Our post about how you can use ReputationDefender as parents, for business owners and for college students.  EVERY PARENT should have their child on an online reputation management service if they are applying to colleges, grad schools or jobs.
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Top Articles:

Personal Branding for Teens: 7 Steps to Teach and Learn It A guide to keeping your or your teen’s online reputation as you see fit. Just like parents talk to their kids about dressing appropriately and manners in the real world, they need to talk about how kids should manage their online reputation

Babysitters for Tweens and Teens? 6 Tips to Get the Best Sitter How to find the perfect match for your teen and how a babysitter plays a larger role in your teen’s life.

50 Best Parenting Books for Families with Teens and Tweens Our teen team has finally selected the winenrs of the 50 Best Parenting Books! This is a detailed, categorized list of parenting books dealing with issues for parents of teens and tweens from testing to texting.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

How to Win the Gender War: Sexism and Teens [Teen Article] One teen’s take on sexism in school, what is it exactly and how can we deal with it.

How the Internet Has Changed Homework: 5 Online Tools [Teen Article] Homework has surpassed paper and pen! A teen guides us through some of the ways the internet can improve the homework experience.

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