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Bingo for Prom Dates

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Fake cigarettes, fake smoke, real nicotine

Summer program to offer work for at-risk youth

Teens should remain active in jobless summer

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Tracy Liebmann, Family Life Coach and founder of Transforming Family where she transforms your family by transforming you! The vault that contains the mysterious answers to having a responsible, helpful and respectful teen are right inside of you and I have the key…all you have to do is ask…I’ll be happy to share it! Her Articles:

Family Harmony

“I believe the simple principles of family harmony are three fold, when you look at your family you must look at three key elements, body, mind, and spirit. A healthy family is like a healthy body, the system works together, almost effortlessly.”

Manifesting Our Family Vision

My vision for my family started out inside of me, my spirit was my guiding light. My spirit told me that I wanted a loving, harmonious, consensual home; I wanted everyone to hold their own power. As a child I felt very powerless and am still working on owning my power. I didn’t want to do that to my family.

When My Kids Fight, I Feel Angry

Everyone has different temperaments and personalities and in your case you have alot of people under one roof…so you have many more opportunities to have challenges! When things calm down share strategies that you have learned over the years regarding conflict, the best way to “teach” our children the skills they need is to model them and share real life experiences!

‘Brow Raising

Portion explosion!

Teen Accidentally Run Over

Walking the Cyberbeat

Shannon’s Faves

Wall makes the call

Vanessa’s Faves

14 Year old author and seamstress Sara Trail impresses young and old with her designs. 
Do Something, the award-winning organization that is the largest in America for young people and social change, revealed the five winners of a Do Something Award who will each receive a $10,000 grant towards their specific cause. All five of the winners will be honored in New York City at the star-studded Do Something Awards event on June 4, 2009 at Harlem’s World Famous Apollo Theatre in New York City – where one of the five winners will win a $100,000 grand prize to continue their amazing work.
Love this, Even I learned a few things!: Visit First Check Diagnostic for more information about slang terms used to describe drugs, drug facts and statistics on drug use – these can be used to help guide a discussion with your kids about the dangers of drugs.

Book of the Week: The Hot Mommy Next Door by Alison M Fadoul

Here is a link to a featured interview with me! Check it out!

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