5/21/09 Articles This Week

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We had a bunch of mini-articles this week! Check ’em out:

The New Bible: Twilight [Mini-Article]
A look at the obsessive culture, which surrounds the teen hit book series.

Touching Teens: Hugs, Hand Holding and Non-Sexual Cuddling [Mini-Article]
A quick guide to start the dialogue with your teens about the different types of touching and it’s effect on people.

Efficiency is the Greatest Gift [Mini-Article]
A mini-guide to how efficiency boosts a teen’s self-esteem

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Top Articles:

Social Networking Fatigue: 7 Ways It Will Affect You
Though there are many benefits to the fifty plus social networks out there, why sometimes we could all use a break.

What Kids Do When Parents Are Out
Teens list the usual and somewhat surprising things they do when the parents are gone.

7 Ways Parents Can Help Kids With Job Searches
A guides for parents to help the job search in an ever-changing market.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

Mind the Gap: Taking a Year Off Before College [Guest Post]
Julia Levine, director of EnRoute Consulting, writes on the benefits of the British tradition of the “gap year” and how to best utilize that time.

7 Things Parents Should Know About Grounding [Teen Article]
A teen’s guide to effective discipline; what parents may not know.

Losing a Friend, Learning to Cope [Teen Article]
A teen’s story of losing a friend and her guide to dealing with loss.

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