5/27/2009 Picks of the Week

Articles of Interest

By Larry Tracy:

Parents agree this is the most important thing you will teach your children.

Want to lead your life or follow everyone else?

Teen Leadership Tip #1 — Make the Path, Leave the Trail

Four (4) quick ways to lead your life.

How to be a HERO — Procrastination

The Green Parent The Green Parent magazine is produced by a small team of passionate experts who live and breathe the positive message of the magazine. Our office systems are environmentally sound, we grow our own vegetables, recycle our waste, use public transport and generally enjoy a simple green life.

Green Irene Want to help your family go green? Make an appointment with your local green expert! Green Irene has professional Eco-Consultants nationwide – your local consultant will tour your house with your whole family and teach you how to save energy, water and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Spawnocalypse One mom’s journey past the ultimate point of no return. The birth of my first child marked the end of the world as I knew it, and I most certainly did not feel fine. But, the kid and I survived the newborn thing and eventually reached an understanding. My husband and I welcomed our second child just 13 months later. Readers who share in our adventures will laugh, they’ll cringe, and they’ll probably relate.

Child and Family Minute

Book of the Week:

Living a Charmed Life: Your Guide to Finding Magic in Every Moment of Every Day by Victoria Moran

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ReputationDefender helps individuals, families, parents and business defend and protect their image, brand and privacy online. Our post about how you can use ReputationDefender as parents, for business owners and for college students.  EVERY PARENT should have their child on an online reputation management service if they are applying to colleges, grad schools or jobs.

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