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Updates on Parenting is Flat: My Next Book:  It is an extension of Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat about how parenting has been changed by globalization and I will be doing Case Studies on a family from each continent! I have a survey readers can take to put their vote into which countries we should go to. We also have mini-questionnaires that we would be so excited for our readers from abroad to take.  We already have some great volunteers, thank you to you.  This will be such an exciting process and we are working on it with our global interns as well.

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Top Articles:

Roommate or Child: 5 Steps When Your Kid Moves Home
Living at home the second time around can be a whole other challenge: this article lays some groundwork to ease the pain. Also if you have kids who are home for the summer, what you can do and how you can balance.

The Most Underrated and Over Abused Teen Activity: Doodling
Doodling may get a bad rap, but there are more benefits to it than you may think. Light article.

Top 10 Teachable Moments in Your Life
Sometimes life presents itself with the perfect opportunities to share an important life-lesson. Check these out, create some or see if you have missed any.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

Listening Carefully: Musical Stereotypes Amongst Hispanics [Teen Article]
One teen combats a stereotype by sharing with us her favorite tunes.

Surviving at Mixed-Gender Social Events [Teen Article]
This step-by-step guide will have you chatting it up with the opposite sex in no time.

5/20/2009 News For Parents

Our favorite picks of the week as well as relevant news from around the web, print and media worlds that parents of teens and tweens might be interested in.

Teen Brains Wired to Make Lousy Decisions [Guest Post]
Life coach and author, Dr. Jennifer Austin Leigh, explains why a teen’s bad decision is not necessarily in their control.

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