New Music for Teens: Push Play [Teen Article]

Carina is a 16 year-old high school student in Grade 11. She is interested in dancing and acting and in her free time enjoys writing stories, or drawing.New Music For Teens: Push Play

One thing you won’t be doing while listening to these pop-rockers is pushing stop on your music players. It all started with two different sets of friends teaming up and combining both their love and talent for music. CJ Baran and Nick DeTurris met Derek Ries and Steve Scarloa about three years ago and together they are Push Play.

The band is basically, “PANIC! At the Disco meets the Jonas Brothers”. CJ’s pop vocals really compliment their bands edgy rockin’ sound with Steve’s sharp guitar strums, Nick’s smooth bass skills and D-ROCK’s pounding drum beats. Push Play’s sound is sure to make them next greatest hit band!
Their lyrics are fun and easy to sing a long – a thumbs up for all those karaoke stars. And with their material being light and catchy, makes their music appropriate for all music-lovers. These fashion forward boys from Long Island are quickly becoming a new pop rock sensation for their only album “Deserted”, averages about 9,000 plays everyday. They perform in many concerts like the New York Metro Balloonfest, and opening for Miley Cyrus, but they also play for concerts like Rock the Cause where the proceeds go to kids with diabetes. On the same note, proceeds from their CD are going to the Education and Assistance Corporation who help foster children and the elderly.

So, get out your mp3’s and have a listen to the next rock idols of the decade. These cuties are sure to have you pushing play.

Check them out on youtube and watch some of their “home made” videos to reveal their goofy, lovable side…

or visit myspace to hear some of their songs like “Situation” that teens are totally raving about…

Their official site is

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    these guys are really cool! Push Play rocks

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