6-3-2009 News for Parents

Vanessa’s Article on Momlogic: Why Teens Like to Hug It Out and the Hugging Translator

Video of the Week

Breaking News

Graphic video aims to stem teen pregnancies

Prom event aims to curb teen dating violence

Students benefit from parental help during exam week

Texting May Be Taking a Toll

Articles of Interest

My article was posted on the Soul Salon: 6 Ways Girls Can Be Leaders

How to Avoid a Miserable Summer with Your Unemployed Teen

Want kids to value money? Teach early on

Recession survival guide for stressed moms

These articles are from our featured blogger today, Priscilla Willis http://www.topmomblog.com , who writes anecdotes about life in SoCal and living with a teen.  The website also has easy recipes that anyone could make and humorous blogs about pets, gardening, and fun events.

Read her article Mano y Mano about the family decision to have their dog neutered and Teen Rocker – about an unbelievable group of high school performers whose most recent show called “Riot on Sunset Strip” recreated the vibrant music scene on the strip during 1965 & 1966 at http://www.topmomblog.com/TopMomBlog/Blog/Blog.html
Another amusing article that contrasts life in the city vs. a small town in Arkansas; Psychic Pharmacist can be read at  http://www.topmomblog.com/TopMomBlog/Blog/Archive.html

‘Brow Raising

Texas school has 19 sets of twins

Mother gives birth to twins with different dads

Shannon’s Faves

Casting for Eclipse Already Underway

Let The Kid Be

New Moon Trailer

Enough Princesses

Vanessa’s Faves

Love this new music, and an up and comer with teens: Mick Kelleher


Award-winning author and mother of twins, Susan M. Heim, is putting together a book just for teenage twins! She is looking for stories, poems, advice, tips, questions, and fun stuff about what it’s like to be a twin teenager.

Corporate Mom Dropouts Corporate Mom Dropouts is about women who decided to trade in the Life Sentence for a Profitable Lifestyle.  The book is for moms who are looking for the courage to follow their dreams and moms who need the inspiration to continue on their entrepreneurial path.

Charismatic Kids Interactive videos for kids, smart articles for parents.  Teach your kids social skills while enhancing their wit and creativity.

Books of the Week

Quick Cash for Teens by Peter Bielagus

The Yes Child by Marcy Kayser Frantz and Rodgers Frantz

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