6/12/09 Articles This Week

Hello Readers,

Spoke to the ’09 graduating class in Niagara Falls this week, thank you for being wonderful hosts!

Big Announcement:

Parenting Webinar with Vanessa Van Petten and Tara Paterson:

Radical Parenting Using Intuition

We will be offering a FREE call about the webinar TODAY (Friday, June 12th) at 2pm PST. Just email to register:  manager@scienceofpeople.com

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Top Articles:

Enablers: What You Need to Know About the Human Spoons in Your Life
A guide to the positive and negative ways enablers can affect your life. Do you have a friend/parent/kid who enables a good or bad behavior, here is how to recognize and change that person.

Shoplifting: 5 Facts About Teens and Tweens Who Steal
A fresh look on an old problem. What to do about youth who are tempted to steal.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

One Teen’s Learning Curve: Finding the Silver Lining [Teen Article]
After years of struggle, a teen finds a new outlook through alternative education.

Teens and their Cell Phones: The Pros and Cons of Text Messaging [Teen Article]
In this age of constant communication, are we addicted to our texting or is it just a matter of convenience?

Reflections of the First Year of College [Teen Article]
A soon-to-be Sophmore looks back at that first year and the lessons learned.

4 Most Common Stereotypes of Alternative Schools [Teen Article]
A teen combats the most common misconceptions of alternative high schools.

Bullying at Summer Camp, make it stop! [Guest Post]
A parent shares some tips on recognizing when your child is being bullied and how to make it stop.

Contact Lenses: Advice for Parents of Teenagers [Guest Post]
A few tips for parents who have teens with colored contact lenses.

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