From Lost to 24…What’s on my TV? [Teen Article}

Christina is a 13 year old girl from Bloomfield Hills, MI who enjoys drawing, photography, writing and fashion.

from lost to 24 what's on my tvPersonally, I watch a pretty diverse lineup of shows…So here are my top 5 TV shows…

1. Gossip Girl
Of all the shows I watch, Gossip girl is most likely my favorite. For some reason I’m drawn to their upper east side lifestyle and their constant drama! I wish my own school was this way sometimes…The people are gorgeous, the fashion is designer, and to be honest, the gossip and the drama is insanely addictive. (It’s also extremely easy to get into the acting on this show…)

2. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
A huge contrast from my number one show, I love The Daily Show…It’s a hilarious show that actually keeps me up to date on all the political news that’s way too boring to just see on the news. Jon Stewart is sarcastic, liberal, and a proud New Yorker. The Daily Show is as entertaining and hilarious as it is informational.

3. That 70s Show
Sadly this show ended a few years ago, but the weekday re-runs on ABC family will keep me entertained. This show reminds me so much of my friends, which is what really keeps me watching. This is a really hilarious show that captures the spirit of teens, and is a pretty realistic depiction of teenage friendships. I remember one time watching the show and seeing a situation two characters were in that I had been in only a couple months earlier.

4. Scrubs
I’m usually not one for anything to do with anything medical, but Scrubs has got to be the funniest medical show I’ve ever seen. Although cheesy and sometimes over dramatic, there are moments in Scrubs that are hilarious, and moments that are emotional and want to make me cry. At one point while watching the show I really thought I wanted to be a doctor…until I realized that hospitals are far from hilarious…

5. Family Guy
As a young teenage girl, I may not seem to be a Family Guy fan. But as a Family Guy obsessed fan of about 2 years, I’ve seen every episode and laughed at every one of Peter’s cut-away jokes. Family Guy is one part witty, one part potty humor. This show is fantastic, and I really recommend this show to anybody who enjoys humor in the form of cartoon families (i.e. South Park, The Simpsons, American Dad), and anybody who loves to laugh.

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