Interrupting & Talking Too Much: Why We Do It & How to Stop It [Teen Article]

Stephanie is a high school freshman from New Jersey. She loves the summertime and enjoys going to the gym and free writing.Talking Too Much

Don’t talk too much!

Often when we’re talking to others we don’t realize our behavior. We can’t see or hear ourselves quite like the people around us do. If we’re in a bad mood, we might be rude to friends or family without even realizing it. If we’re nervous, we might ramble on about our feelings, not letting anyone around us finish a sentence. It’s helpful to recognize when we behave this way and how to correct it – it’s all part of the art of conversation and communicating with others effectively.

Teenagers have it tough! We have to balance so much (school, social life, sports, extracurricular activities, work, etc.) in so little time. We’re so busy dealing with our own problems that we don’t realize when we start ignoring the fact that our peers have problems, too. This often leads to the behavior of interrupting and talking too much. People around you could perceive this behavior as annoying or selfish, and it can really irritate someone who may not understand where you’re coming from.

People that have issues with talking constantly often do it because they are nervous, insecure, excited, stressed out or simply uncomfortable with silence. The same reasons usually apply to people who interrupt. These behaviors aren’t anything to be ashamed of – they’re common and easy to control with a little effort on your part.
Just remember this one little tip: everyone likes to be in the center of attention. Feeling important, loved, needed, interesting – recognition makes everyone feel good on the inside! Let your friends have their 15 seconds of fame: don’t finish their stories, cut off their thoughts or sentences, or barge in with your own opinion.

Understand that while you’re telling Nicole all about your hectic schedule, she may be going through a lot of stress as well and may not have the energy to listen to you as much as she’d like to. Give your friends a break once in a while; instead of informing them of every thought that crosses your mind, invest your energy into something else. Take up a sport, draw, read, write, sing, dance, clean, take a walk – whatever. Dealing with your problems without the help of those around you can really boost your self-esteem and independence.

How do you tell if you’re starting to revert back to your old habits? Stop. Take it easy. Breathe and observe your surroundings. Take the attention off of yourself and instead listen to what your friends, peers, or family members have to say. Listening is a wonderful exercise; you get self-satisfaction from it, and the person being listened to feels good about having someone that cares enough to hear them out.

There is, of course, a time and place for everything. Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to interrupt someone, or go on a rant about how excited or upset you are. Just keep it under control and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master of communication.

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