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Youthology: n the study of how youth think, act and behave and why, done by

Many of our readers rely on us to deliver the most up and coming trends and hot topics to talk about with their kids. We now have a Trendspotter Intern and a set of forums on our private teen social network for our teen interns on trends. We posted them last week and wowee we got a lot of responses.

Of course, we were not surprised, our teens are extremely wise, witty and well-written. Our teen trendspotter intern will be posting once a week:

Top Teen and Tween Twitter Trend

Top Teen and Tween YouTube Video

Top Teen and Tween Google Trend

So, look out for those. The reason we post these trends is so that parents can stay up on what is happening in their kids lives and we think they make great table topics and bonding opportunities. Sending them a YouTube video you think they will like, talking to them about some news that they would be interested in is the best way to bond and build the relationship.

We will also be posting some of the chatter going on in our forums for you to see. The forums are broken up as such:

Group: Youth Trends

Forums in Youth Trends:

  • Music and Entertainment Youth Trends
  • Social Networking and Web Youth Trends (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, new networks…)
  • Fashion and Clothing Youth Trends
  • Other Youth Trends (Behavior or ideas)

We will be posting about these regularly for you. If you have a question or would like to submit a trend to get feedback, let us know!

Vanessa and the Teen Team

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