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Over the next decade, 40 million children will transition into the middle school years according the US Census Bureau. Thriving throughout these years requires kids and parents to utilize tools and resources in an entirely different way than they did during elementary school. AuthorJoe Bruzzese answers the middle school parenting challenge in the recent launch of “The ParentsUniversity”, the online course for navigating confidently through the middle school years.

Highlighting key elements from his book, A Parents’ Guide to the Middle School Years, Bruzzese brings together over 20 years of research and practice through a series of videos, audio commentary, activity downloads and a full-featured Facebook community where parents discuss common concerns and find solutions to everyday challenges. The message to parents, “Kids who thrive during the middle school years feel confident, connected and challenged.”

The registration fee is $24.95 which includes a copy of the book, A Parents’ Guide to the Middle School Years. Enroll today in The ParentsUniversity at www.PGMSY.com

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Top Articles:

Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Teens
Magicians, cake and paper invites just don’t cut it anymore. Here are ten original party ideas for the modern teen.

Youthology: Tween and Teen Trends
Radicalparenting.com’s new insight on how youth think, act and behave and why.

The Power of Excuses: 5 Types of Useful Scapegoats
When honesty is not the best policy, a scapegoat may be the answer. From getting out of drinking or drugs, to declining a business offer, sometimes a good excuse is better than the truth.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

Cell Phones and Consequences: How Mobile Phones Effect Teenage Culture [Teen Article]
A teen explores how communication has changed with the common use of cell phones; the good and the bad.

5 Ways to Beat the Sexist Answer [Teen Article]
Though they may not admit it, some parents don’t treat their sons and daughters the same. This article helps guide the unconsciously sexist parent to treat their children equally, no matter what the sex.

Divorce: 5 Ways to Deal with the Stress [Teen Article]
An important issue that effects half of all marriages, especially effects the children. From personal experience, one teen helps others how to cope.

Parenting With Purpose and Purple Duct Tape [Guest Post]
Life coach and parent, Anne Barry Jolles, explains how sometimes a teen just needs a good listener and not a problem solver.

Start to Have a Life of More and Better Choices Now [Guest Post]
Comedian Ian Coburn helps college-bound teens how answering four basic questions can guide you for the rest of you life.

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