7 Tips to Keep Your Cool at the End of the School Year [Teen Article]

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7 Tips to Keep Your Cool at the end of the School YearSo its that time of the year. When we start to freak out with all the end of school craze. It can get super hectic so here are a few tips for getting through it all.

1.      Prioritize- There are probably a few dozen final tests/projects etc. to finish before you are set free. Organize them by deadline and importance. If you are really cutting it close on time then decide which projects you can skip out on without them really effecting your grade much. This is only a last resort of course.
2.      Utilize relaxing techniques- Do simple easy ones. You will be surprised by how much they actually help. Try breathing in deeply and slowly while imagining your happy place. Tap both feet and hands to make this visually stronger in your mind. Just try it!

3.   Be a self advocate-It’s okay to ask for help. A math teacher once said that if one person raises their hand to ask a question there are at least six other people in the class breathing a sigh of relief that it was asked. Do not be afraid that you might look stupid. You are being active in your learning and it will work to your advantage. Who cares, as long as you are getting your questions answered. This will help you produce quality work and you will have clarity.

4.  Seek help- Take advantage of the after school study help that is offered, if any. I practically lived in my school’s library last year. I was always getting help from the after school study help program. They are there for you!

5.   Take breaks- It is understandable that you might think that you will get caught up in the fun and not work, but you can’t be all work and no play. Everyone should be rewarded every now and then. Break up your study sessions with tiny breaks where you can practice your relaxing techniques. Or watch some TV. It is okay as long as you make sure you get right back to work.

6.      Tell your friends- Letting your friends know that you need to get serious with your work will help. Hopefully they won’t try and distract you as much. And they might even be able to help, either by tutoring or maybe to just help you keep on track.

7.      Say no to procrastination- So I know no one wants to do homework on a Friday but it is better to do some the day you get the work then leaving it to the last minute. By doing some as soon as it is assigned, you lighten the load and get a head start. Plus you won’t have those guilty feelings that nag at you until you finally decide to do it Sunday night. Not procrastinating is the best way to reduce the stress load.

Some of this might already be common knowledge but it is always good to be reminded. So next time you are panicking, just use some of these quick tips to help you out.

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