Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve [Teen Article]

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adam and steve

Dating and relationships can be hard for anyone. But gay teens have some additional obstacles to work through. Coming out of the closet can be one of the hardest hurdles for gay teens along with finding partners and fighting against all the religious, as well as social stereotypes.
People believe that homosexuality is wrong. Individuals say that the world was meant for “Adam and Eve,” not “Adam and Steve.” One thing that society could use is more couples who cannot procreate, and therefore can adopt more children that are unfortunate enough to not have any parents.
The only reason the government does not allow gay marriage in many states is because of their beliefs in religion. Government officials have personal views on homosexuality instead of viewing the aspect of freedom for the country. Separation of church and state is not as strong as it should be in America. Teenagers will have to face a future of banned gay marriage if the government does not allow the full freedom of the marriage thereof. Is that right?
A few advantages to being gay:

  • Same sex couples can understand each other better than opposite-sex couples.
  • Gay couples can adopt children who don’t have parents.
  • Gay teens can be open to many different job opportunities. For example, a homosexual teenager male may want to work in fashion and be free to do so, whereas straight men lean more towards masculine jobs. Vice versa for lesbian teens.
  • Homosexuality opens up more possible opportunities for an already developing nation.

A few disadvantages to being gay:

  • Many religions believe homosexuality is wrong and should be discouraged in society, especially when it comes to teenagers.
  • Since gay teenagers don’t run the risk of getting pregnant, they neglect the use of protection in relationships, which can lead to a stronger risk of STDs
  • Society does not accept homosexuality so gay teenagers are looked down upon and are afraid of “coming out.”
  • In some schools, teens do not get very much respect for being gay and are socially neglected or made fun of.
  • Teenagers have a hard time getting a job already and being gay can make it harder due to workplace discrimination.
  • Athletes tend to get a controversial reputation when they come out of the closet, which could cause them to lose their position in their sport. It sounds ridiculous but this kind of thing happens quite often.

Being who you are shouldn’t be terrifying. So why are some kids afraid of coming out of the closet? Parents should be encouraging their kids, even if they make different choices than their parents originally would. It’s not the parents life to live, it’s their teens. Being gay is perfectly normal and perfectly healthy.

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