Trends for Youth 7-1-2009

Each week we will be posting about Youthology, or what our teens are seeing on the street and trends parents and adults should keep up with or can use to start discussions with their teens! Our Teen Trenspotter Intern is Antonia Valentine from Albany, NY.

Teen Search Trend:

Teens right now are searching for the BET Awards airs Sunday night.

Youth YouTube Trend:

Inmates in the Philippines perform a Michael Jackson tribute.


Twitter Trend:

Brazil defeats U.S.3-2 in FIFA Confederations Cup.

Antonia mentions: ” I was surprised to see how many teens are following the FIFA Confederations Cup results. It was something that I wasn’t expecting and some of my friends on Facebook are talking about the games.”

Teen Fashion Trend:


The Babydoll Dress came into the scene last summer. At first the trend was bit debatable because it tends to hide a girls figure. After much trying to make the babydoll dress work it was decided that it looks a lot better with some sort of sash or a belt. This dress is a perfect example of integrating both of the trends together. A pair of heels will make the legs look longer for a better figure, but a pair of flats will work just as well.

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