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Top Articles:

7 Ways to Beat Internet Addiction and Netoholicism
Emails and Facebook and Tweets- oh my! It’s easy to let the online world take over your real world. Here are some tips to ease your way out of the virtual and into reality.

10 Best and Worst iPhone Apps for Teens and Parents From keeping track of homework assignments to emitting high-pitched frequencies, the useful and completely pointless iPhone applications.

Youth Who Rebel: Natural, Normal or Naughty?
Understanding Teen rebellion: five possible reasons they rebel and tips to deal with it.

Teen Trends This Week 6-24-2009
Teen Trendspotter, Antonia Valentine, keeps us updated on what’s hot this week on Twitter, Youtube and the rest of the online world.  Also see our Teen Fashion Trends Summer 2009 where our teen trendsetters tell us the latest in summer fashion, from 80s bold colors to 60s style braided hair.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

Why Teens Love Vampires: Popular Themes in Books Teens Read Today [Teen Article]
Ever curious about the Twilight phenomenon? Our vampire-loving teen writer Rachel explains the fad.

Consequences vs. Rewards: Can You Punish Teens? [Teen Article]
A teen gives parents tips on effective discipline and the benefits of rewards: sometimes a simple milk-shake is all you need!

7 Tips to Keep Your Cool at the End of the School Year [Teen Article]
The craziness at the end of June can be overwhelming, but these tips will ease your anxiety for a smooth transition into a much needed summer break!

Youth Engagement – Get Youth Involved! [Teen Article]
Youth advocate Laura explains the importance of community activism amongst teens.

A Teen’s Take on Abortion: Is the Debate Getting Too Violent? [Teen Article]
One of our teen interns tackles the heated debate, pro-life vs. pro-choice.

Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve [Teen Article]
The gay marriage issue affects all of us. This article explores the difficulty of dating as a gay teen.

Thoughtful Transition: High Shool to College [Teen Article]
When is the right time to start college? The answer may not be as obvious as we all think.

How Teens Can Deal with Death [Teen Article]
A teen’s tips on how to cope with loss.

Tips for Parents of Teens: Summer Driving [Guest Post]
Dan MacDonald, director of consumer road safety programs, gives parents tips for their teen drivers.

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