How Technology Has Changed My School [Teen Article]

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how technology has changed my school
1.       Online Textbooks.

The first online tool my school has started using is online textbooks. The school I go to has recently started subscribing to the online service provided by the publishers of our textbooks. This is insanely helpful (especially when the textbook supply in the library is pretty sparse). You simply login with the chosen username and password your school has chosen, and you have the complete textbook online, getting rid of the need for lugging heavy textbooks.

2.       School e-mail + Online e-mail Host.

Everyone at my school has an individual school e-mail address. These addresses are used to send bulletins, assignment sheets, and announcements to individual students, as well as send announcements to a whole class. The beginning of each e-mail address is the first initial and last name of the student, making it easy to e-mail any teacher or student. This is extremely helpful for group projects and easy contact with teachers. Having an online e-mail host makes it easy to check school e-mail from any computer at any time.

3.       Online Bibliography Composers.

Bibliographies are hard to make (and kind of a pain!) With online bibliography composers, you simply type in the information from the website, book, or article you’re using for information into the required fields, and the website makes the bibliography for you. This was first introduced to me when doing a science fair project, and I’ve been using it for every project since!

4.       Social Networking Sites.

As surprising as it may seem, my school has its own Facebook and Twitter pages. In fact, it has several! Facebook is great for people to post pictures of school events (Carnival Days, Graduation, Fundraisers.) so everyone can share the memories. Joining groups, playing games, commenting on pictures, sharing videos; it may all seem unimportant to some, but it’s a great way to get in touch and become closer with people in your school. You can also get in touch with students in other campuses you would otherwise not have any communication with through social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter are great places to get in touch with people in your school.

5.       Online Information Databases.

Another good substitution for going to libraries, Online Information databases are extremely helpful. Unlike other information found on the internet, that can be extremely unreliable, all information in databases such as Grolier Online and Ebsco Host is certified. A lot of information is available, and online databases are the best resource (in my opinion) for projects in any class.

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