What Can Brands Do To Keep Teens Interested? [Teen Article]

Carina is a 16 year-old high school student in Grade 11. She is interested in dancing and acting and in her free time enjoys writing stories, or drawing.

What Brands Can do to keep Teens InterestedUs teens love to shop. But have you ever wondered what it is that makes us go back to the same stores?

There are many ways for brands to keep their young customers coming back:

First off, the brands must be appealing. If it’s clothing we are talking about, attraction is a must– meaning, the clothes should be in style. It’s the fashion forward, new and chic styles that will catch us. So, unless we’re bohemian queens that only shop at second-hand stores (which is another option too!), the clothes must be up-to-date.

Another manipulative device companies might use is sales. When stores have sales…stores have customers. Us teens don’t make a whole lot in our part-time jobs, so when our favorite stores hold a sale, they’ll be lucky the doors don’t break down.

Quality is also a big factor in some cases. If we are in dire need of those good workout pants that hug our bottoms so well, then we will pay the price for some great quality fabric (with some help from our parents of course). So sometimes the quality of the goods is what steers us back to a store.

One thing we love to share is charity. If a brand is being charitable by joining forces with an organization, we will be more than happy to contribute. Organizations like Free the Children are great for brands to bond with because of their proceeds helping children around the world to receive better education. Who wouldn’t want to help build a school in Africa and get a nice pair of heels while doing it?

A last good way to keep teens interested, is becoming interactive. Brands that are in high “teen-traffic” areas, that offer more goods, and believe it or not, brands that have their own websites where you can enter contests and find out more, are all ways to keep teens involved.

So to all you brands out there, make sure you reach out to your fellow young adults and keep them. Simply pay attention to our needs of: attraction, sales, quality, charity and relationships!

Happy Shopping!

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