News for Parents of Teens and Tweens 7-8-2009

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Breaking News

Many teens believe they’ll die young

Teens who move a lot have twice suicide risk

Parents to kids: What’s so funny?

Devoted dad key to reducing risky teen sex

Keep kids safe in the warm weather

Articles of Interest

Grown kids return to the nest–and regress

The Right Tools Help Teens Succeed On College Entrance Exams

Camp care packages: What you should send with your teens and tweens

10 Smart Snacks for Kids

‘Driving is No.1 killer’ of teens

Co-Ed Sleepovers? Since When?

These articles, and many more, can be found at a parenting blog providing information, reviews, giveaways and great finds for parents.

Recycled A great way to recycle some of your used items and turn them into trendy crafts.

Meet the Maker is where we occasionally feature some awesome Etsy sellers and you get the chance to “meet them” and find out why and how they do what they do.

Top Secret Beauty Tips is a great little article where some of our readers submitted their favorite beauty tips to share with our readers.

July 2009 Events, Deals, Steals and More is a great way to find some awesome bargains and to share your own! Each month we do a great post with some exciting events and deals to take advantage of.

‘Brow Raising

Parent celebrate their son’s life–all 99 days

Seeing double: Texas school has 19 sets of twins

Shannon’s Faves

Obama: “I have been an imperfect father”

To Teens: Open up about your parents’ divorce

Vanessa’s Picks:

Park Your Kids in Front of the Computer This Summer

Long thought of as time wasters, certain video games are proving to be good for learning different topics, like history and algebra.  Social networking sites can improve childrens’ writing skills, and some people feel that several video games are akin to the imaginary worlds of a good novel.   In this commentary piece, Gary Andrew Poole writes about kids playing video games during the summer months, and his quest to improve his daughter’s sense of world history.

It’s National Acne Awareness Month and the perfect time to get educated on ways to treat and prevent acne. Acne is one of the most common skin problems – affecting 85% of teenagers and even some adults. But acne can affect more than just a teen’s skin. A recent survey showed that 64% of the teens who have had acne said that it’s embarrassing and 71% of teens who have acne say it’s caused low self esteem and shyness. No one should ever feel embarrassed or alone because of their acne. That’s why the AARS, with support from Galderma, has developed this special announcement on ways to take action against acne. Acne is a medical condition and it can be treated. Have questions on how to manage your acne or what acne treatment is right for you? Visit
The Army National Guard’s Partners in Education website has information about the many free school programs the Guard offers to teens in public and private high
schools. Programs include the YOU CAN School Program (with presentations on topics like drug and alcohol abuse, study techniques, and paying for college), the HUMVEE school program, programs specifically designed for
at-risk youth, and more.
Beginning LifeStage “Job Search Bootcamp”At Daisy Swan & Associates know that Beginning is an exciting and stressful time of decision making and choice. So they have designed this group coaching series specifically for those of you who have:

  • 0-7 years of work experience
  • recently graduated from an undergraduate or graduate program, and need clarity on what to do with your academic accomplishments
  • to figure out how to begin your job search
  • the desire to set up a good strategy to launch your work style and get a sense of a forward moving path; the desire to get some answers to fundamental questions about work and life balance.
  • Check it out here!

Book of the Week

The Path to Purpose: How Young People Find Their Calling in Life

by William Damon

Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success Claire Shipman & Katty Kay to spread the word about their brand new book (Collins Business; June 2, 2009; $27.99).

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